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 [JD] Drama Prime Time Report – July 15th~18th

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PostSubject: [JD] Drama Prime Time Report – July 15th~18th   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:34 pm

Drama Prime Time Report – July 15th~18th

It was a long weekend in Japan thanks to ‘Marine Day’ on Monday and
people had other distractions to keep them away from the small tube,
except for sport events like the World Cup or certain music and variety
specials. When looking at the dramas, there were two big losers with “Zenkai Girl” that almost lost 5% and “Hana Kimi 2011” that is now down to ratings that are usually only reserved for late-night dramas.
Let’s start with Friday, because it featured one of the two new starts this weekend. “Ikemen desu ne“, starring Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft.2), Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft.2), and Yaotome Hikaru (Hey! Say! JUMP),
started with a two-hour-long episode and achieved a rating of 10.9%.
It’s bad compared to last week’s variety special, but it’s actually okay
for such a long episode. Compared to previous Friday dramas it doesn’t
have to be ashamed either. The ratings of the next two episode will be
important, especially when looking at other dramas and their huge drops.

On Saturday, “Don Quixote” managed to withstand the mega music special on TBS
and only lost 0.7% compared to last week. Its ratings might even be
able to increase again next week, without such a strong competition.
Now onto the problematic Sunday that started with the worst rating for “Gou” since it started airing. Here you could use the variety special on TV Asahi as an excuse, but the ratings have been gradually decrease over the past weeks again anyway, despite the appearance of Mukai Osamu and more screen-time for AKIRA.
However, nobody really cared about the ratings of “Gou”, because “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
surprised everyone with a huge nose dive by 4.1%, down to miserable
6.0%. Of course, many people expected it to lose viewers, but that’s a
lot. Several tabloids and self-proclaimed critics are already pointing
out all the faults, but let’s hope the cast and team don’t get
discouraged by those and the miserable ratings. Maybe it will already
recover next week? Meanwhile “Hanawake no Yon Shimai” only lost 1.0% compared to last week.

Today’s report also includes the Monday ratings due to the
long-weekend and unfortunately I have to continue with another drama
that lost even more percentage than “Hana Kimi 2011″. I’m talking about Fuji TV’s ‘Getsu 9′ drama “Zenkai Girl
that lost 4.8% and is now already below 10% with a viewer rating of
only 9.8%. The drama actually received a lot of positive responses after
its first episode, so this might be an even bigger surprise for many
viewers and fans. Unlike “Hana Kimi 2011″, it had to compete against a
very strong variety special, but on the other hand it also had quite a
decent lead-in with the “Hey!Hey!Hey” music special that gained 13.2%.
Anyway, in the end everyone only looks at the figure and has to
realize that it’s the first drama in the history of Fuji TV’s ‘Getsu 9′
time slot to already reach a single-digit rating with the second
episode. Let’s hope it won’t continue to make history, especially since
it’s the first starring role for Aragaki Yui and the Nishkido Ryo’s first ‘Getsu 9′ drama. The bad ratings could easily hurt their market value.
Meanwhile TV Tokyo started airing their Monday drama “IS“, starring Fukuda Saki and Gouriki Ayame, but sadly it’s a bit difficult to obtain ratings from TV Tokyo; not that it could compete with other dramas anyway.

NHK, TBS and TV Tokyo usually don’t
disclose the ratings for their shows on a regular basis, therefore they
won’t be included in the list below. Certain dramas or drama specials
that aired on those channels and might lack ratings are still included
with a ??.?% rating. This doesn’t mean that the ratings were too low to
Improvements and declines will be
illustrated with the use of several icons. The colors and the numbers
indicate how much the ratings have changed.
An orange color means almost no change, while a red color means the ratings dropped, and a green color means the ratings improved.
07/15 – Friday

9pm slot
01 – 20:30-22:54 – 12.0% Tales from Earthsea (anime)
02 – 21:00-22:52 – 11.3% Okuaizu Kakurezato Densetsu Satsujin Jiken
03 – 21:00-23:03 – 10.9% Ikemen desu ne (01/2h-start)
04 – 21:00-21:54 – 09.1% Oh! Doyagao Summit
10pm slot
01 – 21:54-23:10 – 12.3% Hodo Station
02 – 20:30-22:54 – 12.0% Tales from Earthsea (anime)
03 – 21:00-22:52 – 11.3% Okuaizu Kakurezato Densetsu Satsujin Jiken
04 – 21:00-23:03 – 10.9% Ikemen desu ne (01/2h-start)
midnight slot
?? – 24:12-24:53 – ??.?% Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro (02)
> “Ikemen desu ne
Cast: Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft.2), Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft.2), Yaotome Hikaru (Hey! Say! JUMP) and more
> “Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro
Cast: Yamada Takayuki, Kinami Haruka, Takuma Shin, Muro Tsuyoshi and more

07/16 – Saturday

9pm slot
01 – 19:00-24:18 – 16.2% Ongaku no Hi
02 – 21:00-23:45 – 11.4% Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
03 – 21:00-22:09 – 11.0% Don Quixote (02)
04 – 18:58-21:51 – 10.4% Onegai! Ranking GOLD 3h SP
> “Don Quixote
Cast: Matsuda Shota, Takahashi Katsumi, Narumi Riko, Matsushige Yutaka and more

07/17 – Sunday

8pm slot
01 – 20:00-20:45 – 15.3% Gou – Himetachi no Sengoku (27)
02 – 19:58-20:54 – 12.5% Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q!
03 – 19:56-21:24 – 12.1% Shiru-Shiru-Mishiru-Sunday SP
04 – 19:58-20:54 – 06.4% Bakusho! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu
9pm slot
01 – 21:00-21:54 – 14.7% Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo
02 – 21:00-21:54 – 12.5% Hanawake no Yon Shimai (02)
03 – 21:00-21:54 – 06.0% Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (02)
04 – 21:30-26:30 – 05.2% 140th All-England Open Golf
> “Hanawake no Yon Shimai
Cast: Mizuki Alisa, Kanjiya Shihori, Kawashima Umika, Kichise Michiko and more
> “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Cast: Maeda Atsuko (AKB48), Nakamura Aoi, Miura Shohei and many more

07/18 – Monday

8pm slot
01 – 19:00-21:54 – 18.1% Hajimete no Otsukai! SP
02 – 19:00-20:54 – 13.2% Hey!Hey!Hey! SP
03 – 19:00-20:54 – 11.8% Nakai Masahiro no Ayashii Hon…
04 – 20:00-20:54 – 09.9% Mito Komon 43 (03)
9pm slot
01 – 19:00-21:54 – 18.1% Hajimete no Otsukai! SP
02 – 21:00-21:54 – 12.0% Beat Takeshi no TV Tackle
03 – 21:00-21:54 – 09.8% Zenkai Girl (02)
?? – 21:00-22:54 – ??.?% Tantei Samoji Susumu 15
10pm slot
?? – 22:00-23:09 – ??.?% IS (01/start)
midnight slot
?? – 23:58-24:29 – 03.2% Piece Vote (03)
> “Zenkai Girl
Cast: Aragaki Yui, Nishikido Ryo, Hirayama Hiroyuki, Renbutsu Misako and more
> “IS
Cast: Fukuda Saki, Gouriki Ayame, Inoue Masahiro, Irie Jingi and more
> “Piece Vote
Cast: Hamada Gaku, Taira Airi and more
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[JD] Drama Prime Time Report – July 15th~18th
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