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 [KD] New MBC drama Royal Family

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PostSubject: [KD] New MBC drama Royal Family   Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:47 am

New MBC drama Royal Family

Royal Family, a new MBC Wed and Thu drama airs after ‘My Princess’
held its press conference on 24th of February at Seoul Palace Hotel.
As the name suggests, this drama is about the rich and powerful, no
wonder the media would compare this drama with SBS’s new drama ‘Midas’
though not compete head on by airing on the same days.
We had a look at ‘Midas’, how about ‘Royal Family’, what is it about?
The story is based on a Japanese novel ‘Human Proof’, but adapted to
suit the Korean culture, screen play is written by the award-winning duo
Kim Yeong Hyun and Park Sung Yun who wrote ‘Dae Jang Geum’ (2003) and
‘Queen Seon Duok’ (2009) together. The story sounds familiar but still
interesting, about a widow by Yum Jung Ah, who has lived a miserable
life as the second daughter in law in the richest family in Korea, she
overcomes all difficulties and eventually rises to the position of CEO
with the help of a very young and bright prosecutor played by Ji Sung.
Stills and teasers are released to bring viewers closer to ‘Royal
Family’, it was said as soon as the teasers were released the drama
became a hot search term on the major internet search portals. ’Royal
Family’ airs on 2nd of March on MBC.

source: Naver
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[KD] New MBC drama Royal Family
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