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 [KA] Lee Min-jung and Lee Jung-jin team up in rom-com

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PostSubject: [KA] Lee Min-jung and Lee Jung-jin team up in rom-com   Sat May 28, 2011 9:33 pm

Lee Min-jung and Lee Jung-jin team up in rom-com

I like this pairing, A LOT: Lee Min-jung (Midas) and Lee Jung-jin (Runaway Plan B)
have been cast as the leads in a new movie, which’ll feature them in a
workplace romance when he’s brought in to save her flagging radio show.
Lee Min-jung plays Jin-ah, the DJ of a radio show with low listener
ratings, who enjoyed a former existence as the leader of a popular idol
group; they were one of the original girl groups known as being
“nation’s fairy girls,” so think S.E.S. Lee Jung-jin plays Jae-ik, the
prickly but talented and charming PD who comes in and creates a new
segment on her radio show. In the process of presenting “vivid and
dramatic” stories of their listeners’ daily lives, they encounter a
“miraculous moment” that changes their own lives.

That has a dramatic ring to it, but Wonderful Radio is
described as a cheery romance — consider me onboard. I love both actors,
who are gorgeous individually and also together, whose cups runneth
over with screen presence and charisma. I can already see them bickering
and falling in love, and can’t wait to actually see it unfold onscreen.
Oh, why isn’t this a drama??
Directing is Kwon Chil-in of Singles and Hellcats. Wonderful Radio will begin filming in June, and aims for a fall release.

Via Hankyung
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[KA] Lee Min-jung and Lee Jung-jin team up in rom-com
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