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 [KA] Interview with 49 Days’ Scheduler Jung Il-woo

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PostSubject: [KA] Interview with 49 Days’ Scheduler Jung Il-woo   Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:20 pm

Interview with 49 Days’ Scheduler Jung Il-woo

Sigh, Jung Il-woo. Why you so pretty?

Truth be told, though, it’s not his looks that draw me to him — goodness knows that K-dramaland is chock-full to the brim with hotties. It’s in his personality and thoughtfulness that I first found him attractive, as well as his commitment to his work. Plus, having Return of Iljimae on his resumé surely doesn’t hurt. (Still a fave!)

I’ve said this before, but Jung doesn’t strike me as the most naturally gifted actor, in that he doesn’t seem like the type who can step in front of a camera and just turn it on right away. Some people can do that, but he’s got to work hard at it — and work he does. (Sometimes too much.) I know that modesty is often an affectation in the industry so I don’t assume that everyone who speaks modest words is a modest person, but based on the various interviews I’ve read over the past few years, he’s really serious about improving himself and aware of his weaknesses. That I can respect.

Now that he’s in a new drama — SBS’s 49 Days — he’s back in the interview/press circuit, which gives us the following. Woot woot.

Via Newsen, Sports Chosun
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[KA] Interview with 49 Days’ Scheduler Jung Il-woo
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