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 [KD] Dream High 2 begins pre-production

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PostSubject: [KD] Dream High 2 begins pre-production   Fri May 20, 2011 7:56 pm

Dream High 2 begins pre-production

Dream High Season 2 is ready to begin pre-production
work, according to a source with the production company, who’s aiming
to broadcast the sequel next January. While airdates are always
flexible, the producers are in a good position, having already concluded
scheduling talks with KBS and getting their agreement.
Currently they’re in scriptwriting mode, and plan to begin casting
after they’re done with scripts. (The drama previously announced a
reality show to follow the audition process for the background cast; no updates on that at the moment, but I’m assuming that’s still a go.)
I presume they mean they’ll cast after completing the pilot script,
not all the episodes, although how fabulous would it be to have this
drama totally pre-planned? Dramas that are 100% pre-produced haven’t
historically had the most success with audiences, but this is a case
where it could really work, since they’ve already proven their ability
to construct a heart-tugging narrative and carry it through effectively.
On the flipside of that coin, this IS also an idol drama, so I can see
the push for live-shooting as well, to best cater to fan responses.
According to the production rep, they haven’t totally decided whether
to extend the story established in Season 1, or whether to build an
entirely new story, and are considering all possibilities. Personally,
I’d LOVE if they kept Kirin alive, and just rotated out the student
stories. That maximizes the world already established, brings back some
favorite characters (Jin-man! Oh-hyuk! Kyung-jin!), and also frees them
up to swap in busy idols who would have difficulty committing to more
than one season. Other K-dramas have attempted the season format but
none have been truly successful, or true sequels, either — but maybe
what Korea really needs is one great high school serial. Chop-chop, I’m

Via Osen
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[KD] Dream High 2 begins pre-production
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