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 [KD] Car accidents plague drama production

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PostSubject: [KD] Car accidents plague drama production   Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:37 pm

Car accidents plague drama production

Two wholly unrelated car accidents occurred in close succession this
week, but both have an impact on currently-airing drama production. Park Shin-hye, lead actress on MBC’s youth melodrama You’ve Fallen For Me
was in a car accident on the 18th along with her staff, and was
reported to be unharmed. She received treatment and then returned
directly to the set, but quickly felt the aftereffects and had to return
to the hospital mid-shoot. Production was halted and Park’s health was
announced as the top priority.
What would have been today’s Episode 8 has been pushed back, and it
remains to be seen how long her recovery might take. Hopefully she’ll
get a clean bill of health and be able to return to set fully recovered,
and the drama will only be one episode off-schedule. This show has
already been plagued with production woes,
so I fear any further setbacks like having go a week or more without
its lead actress. Today’s broadcast was replaced by a clip show of the
past seven episodes.

And then early this morning, actor Eom Ki-joon got
into a car accident as well. His accident doesn’t report any injuries,
thankfully, but he blew over a 0.1% blood alcohol content, which means
he will be indicted for drunk driving. He reportedly rear-ended a taxi,
but neither party suffered injury.
Eom is currently starring as the second lead in upcoming SBS weekend drama Scent of a Woman,
which premieres this Saturday. It’s unclear how his accident will
affect that drama’s production, which isn’t even out of the gate. I’d
hate to see such a highly anticipated drama have to make a sudden left
turn days before its premiere.
Can’t we just put our drama actors in little bubbles during production so they can do no harm to themselves or others? Sigh.

Via TV Report, Sports Seoul
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[KD] Car accidents plague drama production
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