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 [JA] Kimura Tae involved in light car accident

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PostSubject: [JA] Kimura Tae involved in light car accident   Thu May 19, 2011 7:11 pm

Kimura Tae involved in light car accident

Actress Kimura Tae (40) was involved in a light car accident today when she was returning home from the gym by taxi yesterday.

The police explained that the taxi was hit by another car at an intersection without traffic lights at 6pm on May 18th. The other car hit the taxi at its rear right side and Kimura, who was sitting in the back seat, received some minor damages to her head. Nobody else was hurt during the accident. According to the police, both sides were at fault for not being careful enough at the intersection.

The taxi driver also was kind enough to drive her to a hospital after the accident; fortunately they weren’t able to detect any internal injuries and deemed that it would be unnecessary for her to get hospitalized.

Kimura’s agency stated that it was her day off and that she didn’t have any plans except for training that day. Her schedule for the coming days will stay as planned, as the injuries aren’t serious enough to hinder Kimura in her work.

Source: Sanspo
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[JA] Kimura Tae involved in light car accident
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