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 [KD] Park Shin-hye’s accident causes last-minute script changes

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PostSubject: [KD] Park Shin-hye’s accident causes last-minute script changes   Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:16 pm

Park Shin-hye’s accident causes last-minute script changes

Park Shin-hye, who was recently re-admitted to the hospital for injuries sustained in a car accident, has returned to filming for her current MBC drama You’ve Fallen For Me.
However, she’s not completely back in full health yet, which has the
production scrambling to rearrange their story to accommodate her

That means that Park’s character Kyu-won will be sick for two
episodes, which suggests she’ll also be less prominently featured in the
plot. Understandable and probably a good decision, although I wonder if
the story will suffer for the sudden rewriting. I think most fans will
be pretty agreeable even if the story falters because they’re aware of
the situation, but I can’t help but think back to the big
Car-Accident-O-Rama of 2009, back when the “Boys Before Flowers Curse” was in full effect and each cast member was involved in at least one accident (some of them more than one). When Gu Hye-sun was in hers, the accident was bad enough to pre-empt an episode (and prompt a hastily put-together Special),
and even after Gu resumed shoots, there was one episode where she
essentially sat there as a prop, unable to speak. (Remember that awkward
ramen-eating scene?)

Timeline: Park Shin-hye’s car accident occurred on July 18, and she’d
been checked out at the hospital immediately thereafter, then resumed
drama shoots two days later, on the 20th. However, her injuries worsened
and she had to go back for medical treatment last week, and the filming
delay accounted for last Thursday’s pre-emption. On July 23, Park
rejoined shoots again.

Hopefully this reworked storyline gives Park some reprieve and allows her to heal soon. You’ve Fallen For Me drama will resume its regular airing schedule on Wednesday, July 27, and will broadcast Episodes 8 and 9 this week.

(Aside: I wonder if the drama will get a 1-episode extension to fix
its airing schedule, or a special. Since the ratings aren’t that high,
there’s also a chance that one night may see a double-airing — although
if the production is as time-strapped as it seems, I doubt the
live-shoot will accommodate that.)

Via Hankook Ilbo, AJ News

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[KD] Park Shin-hye’s accident causes last-minute script changes
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