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 [KA] Lee Byung-heon’s black and white High Cut shoot

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PostSubject: [KA] Lee Byung-heon’s black and white High Cut shoot   Thu May 19, 2011 5:11 pm

Lee Byung-heon’s black and white High Cut shoot

Lee Byung-heon (IRIS) sort of looks the
same in every single photo shoot he’s ever taken… But when you look as
good as he does — and for so many years, without seemingly aging — who
needs variety?
(Seriously, he turns 41 this year, and he still looks just like he did in A Bittersweet Life, and All In, and Addiction… What’s in the water he’s drinking?)
He’s also the cover guy for the upcoming issue of High Cut magazine,
looking alternately emo-broody (guyliner alert!) and quirky (I think I’m
finally coming ’round on those large round glasses that are so in right
now). Lee just signed on to be the new CF/brand model for men’s
lifestyle channel XTM and has the upcoming shoots for G.I. Joe 2
on his slate, so he’ll be keeping plenty busy for the foreseeable
future. He said of the movie, “This sequel’s narrative is even more
lively than the first movie, and the script really hooks you. I’m
looking forward to it.”
Via High Cut
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[KA] Lee Byung-heon’s black and white High Cut shoot
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