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 [KA] Go Soo’s classic-movie shoot for Bazaar

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PostSubject: [KA] Go Soo’s classic-movie shoot for Bazaar   Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:21 pm

Go Soo’s classic-movie shoot for Bazaar

Ah, I do enjoy this time of the month, when all the fashion rags put
out their teasers to upcoming photo shoots. It gives us such pretty
pictures, like these from Harper’s Bazaar featuring Go Soo in a spread that looks like something right out of a classic old movie.
Go Soo’s current visibility in the press is due to his new movie, the highly anticipated war film The Front Line (or Gojijeon), co-starring Shin Ha-kyun.
It sounds like an intense and compelling movie, set in 1953 amidst the
backdrop of stalemated negotiations for a cease-fire between North and
South, several months before the armistice would eventually be signed.

The body of a fallen commander is discovered, shot with a bullet from
his own side. Officers suspect a traitor and send Shin Ha-kyun to
investigate, where he reconnects with an old friend (Go Soo) whom he’d
believed dead. The friend, once a weak student, is de facto leader of
his own squadron. And yet, there are some rather suspicious
circumstances surrounding his old friend and his speedy promotions over
the past two years, the barely 20-year-old unit captain, and the curious
squad. What could have happened in those lost two years?
Ah, forget Bazaar, now I really want to see this movie. Not that we have long to wait; The Front Line released today in Korea.

Via Osen
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[KA] Go Soo’s classic-movie shoot for Bazaar
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