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 [KD] Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 7

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[KD] Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 7 Empty
PostSubject: [KD] Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 7   [KD] Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 7 EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 1:07 am

Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 7

[KD] Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 7 TWDR7-00333

You know that feeling you get when you’re part of a secret society
and then you realize that other members of that society are getting
killed and you might be next? Our characters do. There’s a line in the
sand, and Chae-yoon is figuring out who’s on what side and who isn’t on
any side – yet. Our hero is clearly going above and beyond the call of
duty for our entertainment, and one can only hope he’s getting some
overtime with that side of revenge. Is that promise of revenge tasty,
Chae-yoon? Because it better be, for all the grief you’re giving me over
your future well-being.
Episode 7 RECAP:
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[KD] Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 7
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