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 [KA] Happy birthday, Kang-ah

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PostSubject: [KA] Happy birthday, Kang-ah   Wed May 11, 2011 1:42 am

Happy birthday, Kang-ah

Well, Kang-ah got to celebrate his birthday onscreen with some birthday soup, so now it’s actor Jo Hyun-jae‘s turn; the 49 Days
star celebrated his 31st birthday while on set this past weekend (the
day fell on May 9), pictured here with some birthday cake (and co-star Lee Yo-won).
Jo uploaded the above photo to his me2day account (a Korean
Twitter-like service) with the simple note: “I’m celebrating this
birthday on the set…Thank you for your birthday wishes.”

He also turned around the whole give-me-presents-it’s-my-birthday
tradition by gifting the drama’s crew with jackets, pictured below. He
said, “I wanted to give our hard-working staff a special present. It’s
so great to have a birthday on set, and I’m so thankful to the fans who
threw me a birthday party.” (Members from Jo’s fan club sought out the
drama filming set to celebrate the occasion.)
I’m not usually one to confuse actors with the characters they play, but I just can’t help it: KANG-AH! Why so adorable?

Via Osen
Credits: dramabeans.com
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[KA] Happy birthday, Kang-ah
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