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 [KD] Romance Town releases cute stills

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PostSubject: [KD] Romance Town releases cute stills   Mon May 09, 2011 10:47 pm

Romance Town releases cute stills

Aw, my interest in this drama just went up a notch. Here are some stills of upcoming upstairs-downstairs romantic comedy drama Romance Town, with leads Sung Yuri and Jung Kyeo-woon looking adorable. I know, I’m easy. Just throw some cute at me and I’m waggin’ my tail.
A few of the stills finally show Sung Yuri and Min Hyo-rin
doing maid-like things. All we need is a pair of cartoon birds to tie
Sung Yuri’s hair for her while she washes the floors, and her Cinderella
moment will be complete. Perhaps the red shoe’s a modern replacement
for the glass slipper? Okay, she probably just broke her heel. But hey,
some Prince Charmings need a little prodding in the form of a happy
Romance Town premieres this Wednesday, on KBS. Just shoot me
now. Seriously, is there such a thing as Death By Trendy? I guess
there’s only one way to find out…
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[KD] Romance Town releases cute stills
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