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 Ha Ji Won

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PostSubject: Re: Ha Ji Won   Fri May 20, 2011 8:05 pm

10cm and Ha Ji Won sing for “Acafela” CF

Indie duo 10cm and actress Ha Ji Won have teamed up for a sweet “Americano” remake for coffee brand “Acafela“!
Earlier this year, “Americano” was named as the ‘greatest pop song’ at the 2011 Korean Pop Music Awards,
and is much loved both in and out of the indie scene. For “Acafela”,
the duo rewrote and rearranged the song to create an addictive,
CF-friendly version to captivate viewers.
In the CF, the two members can be seen playing their characteristic
instruments, the guitar and jembe, while Ha Ji Won sings along at a fun
camping ground as the backdrop.
Check it out below!

Source + Photos: Financial News via Naver
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Join date : 2010-09-05
Age : 26
Location : Greece

PostSubject: Re: Ha Ji Won   Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:09 pm

Ha Ji-won goes scuba diving for Sector 7

Ha Ji-won
‘s new movie Sector 7 is an action-thriller creature feature (think The Host at sea) that takes place on an oil rig, and as part of her training for the role, Ha was certified as a skin scuba diver.
In these photos recently released by Ha’s management, she received
her license last year in Saipan, where she went to dive at some
world-famous locales, including the Grotto. Apparently Ha has a fear of
swimming, despite her athletic tendencies; to prepare for her diving
trip to Saipan, she received a pretty hardcore training regimen from Lee
Jae-hoon, member of the old pop group Cool who also happens to be a
skin scuba instructor. Nice to have friends with diverse skill sets,

Diving is one of those things that intrigues and freaks the bejeezus
out of me, so props to Ha Ji-won to tackling it despite her fears. And
while I doubt that very much of her movie includes this skill — it’s
mostly a run-from-the-monster-and-also-try-to-kill-it action flick —
it’s cool to see her in action underwater.
Sector 7 releases on August 4.


Via DongA
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Ha Ji Won
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