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 Info for Jungle Fish

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PostSubject: Info for Jungle Fish   Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:03 am

Jungle Fish


Title: 정글피쉬 / Jeonggeul Piswi

Also known as:
Jungle Fish

Drama, school

Season 1

Episodes: 1

Broadcast network:

Broadcast period:

Air time:
Monday 19:20


A drama about school life that sheds light on the serious issue of
cheating and falsifying grades, as well as the stress of entrance exams
at ruthlessly competitive South Korean high schools.


Kim Soo Hyun as Han Jae Ta

Park Bo Young as Lee Eun Soo

Jang Ki Bum as Han Dong Hee

Min Ji as Kang Sol

Seo Hye Jin as Na Mi Rae

Hwang Chan Sung as Park Young Sam

Kim C as Jae Ta's uncle

Kim Dong Bum as speaker

Kim Jung Kyoon as Jae Ta's teacher

Lee Joo Suk as Eun Soo's teacher

Kim Hee Ryung as Eun Soo's mother

Woo Saeng Soon

Production Credits

Director: Choi Sung Bum (최성범)

Seo Jae Won (서재원), Kim Kyung Min (김경민), Im Chae Joon (임채준)

Season 2

Title: 정글피쉬 시즌2 / Jeonggeul Piswi Season 2


Broadcast network:

Broadcast period:
2010-Nov-04 to 2010-Dec-30

Air time:
Thursday 8:50 PM


When a high school girl dies mysteriously, her friends decide to
investigate the cause of her death. The second season has a similar
focus to the first, dealing with current social issues faced by the
youth both at school and beyond: friendships, familiy problems,
pregnancy and educational corruption.


Hong Jong Hyun as Min Ho Soo (ID: stranger_a)

Park Ji Yeon as Seo Yool (ID: bluepills)

Lee Joon as Ahn Ba Woo (ID: CinderellaMan)

Shin So Yool as Lee Ra Yi (ID: Indiedol)

Kim Bo Ra as Yoon Gong Ji (ID: BloodyMandoo)

Kim Dong Bum as Bae Tae Rang (ID: veteran)

Han Ji Woo as Baek Hyo An (ID: JungleFish)

Choi Myung Kyung as Lee Sang Yong

Go Kyung Pyo (고경표) as Bong Il Tae

Lee Mi So as Yoo Yeo Jin

Choi Woo Hyuk (최우혁) as speaker

Hyo Young as Jung Yoo Mi

Shin Seo Hyun (신서현) as Hong Eun Ja

Yoon Hee Suk as Teacher Jung In Woo

Jung Kyung Ho as Min Chang Yi

Kim So Young (김소영) as Han Jae Eun

Kim Jae Woo (김재우) as Shin Won Tak

Jun So Min (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Jung Hwan, Min Doo Shik (민두식)

Seo Jae Won (서재원), Kim Young Min (김영민)


Following initial broadcast, Jungle Fish 2 will be screened in theaters in December.

First set to air in September, but due to a sudden internal
problem, the broadcast was postponed until November. KBS also decided to
air the drama on KBS2 instead of KBS1.

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Info for Jungle Fish
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