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 [KD] Scenes from Padam Padam’s recent shoots

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PostSubject: [KD] Scenes from Padam Padam’s recent shoots   Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:01 am

Scenes from Padam Padam’s recent shoots

Lots and lots of new stills are trickling out from the production of Padam Padam…The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats, aka the cable drama from lauded writer Noh Hee-kyung and featuring a high-profile main cast. And while Jung Woo-sung (Athena) and Han Ji-min (Cain and Abel) are the drama’s two headliners, it’s Kim Bum I’m staring at. Or rather, his newly grown-out mane of glory. That’s it: He should never cut his hair again. Rawr.

I love that his character, Kook-soo (who names their kid Noodles,
seriously?) looks rakish and mischievous, but is described as guardian
angel. Jung Woo-sung’s character Kang-chil may be half a generation
older, but it appears Kook-soo’s got the street smarts. Kang-chil gets
sent to the slammer on false murder charges, spending 16 years locked
up, and it’s there that Kook-soo watches his back: “If it’s to help
Kang-chil, Kook-soo will do whatever it takes to solve the problem.” All
together now: Awww.

It’s Han Ji-min’s character who’s the selfish one of this main trio,
which is a nice change for once, since it’s usually the heroine who’s
guileless and winsome while the hero’s the immature/prickly/cold-hearted
jerk. And given that description, I find it amusing that she’s the one
posing with Bambi below. Ha.

I enjoy seeing another familiar face among the cast in drama veteran Na Mun-hee
playing Jung Woo-sung’s mother. In these stills, she gets into a little
tussle with one of the other ajummas when a disagreement escalates, and
it’s Kang-chil who pulls them apart. Don’t mess with tough granny.

Padam Padam premieres on jTBC on December 5.

Via TV Report
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[KD] Scenes from Padam Padam’s recent shoots
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