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 [KA] Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting

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[KA] Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting Empty
PostSubject: [KA] Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting   [KA] Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting EmptyWed Nov 02, 2011 1:00 am

Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting

[KA] Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting Janghyuk_107

When recent casting news put forth that Jang Hyuk was in the running for another sageuk drama, Gaksital (Bride Mask),
there was a bit of backlash from those in the camp of Jang Hyuk Does
Too Many Sageuks, or maybe it’s more like Jang Hyuk Plays Badass Sageuk
Fighters Too Much. Psh, like that’s a bad thing.

In any case, Jang has officially turned down Gaksital, which
would have had him playing a freedom fighter against the Japanese
imperialists. I hardly think doing a period drama set in the 1930s is
akin to playing a slave hunter in Joseon times (Chuno), or a revenge-seeking warrior in, okay, more Joseon times (Tree With Deep Roots),
but Jang’s reps explained that he felt it would be too much of a burden
doing sageuk after sageuk. I guess that means the netizens win? I just
hope that doesn’t mean he’s going to go off and do more Midas-es. (I tried. So boring.) Although I DO think he’d be great in a contemporary comedy.

Oh well. Jang Hyuk bowing out of Gaksital frees up a
potentially fascinating character up for another actor. The hero may
seem ordinary and dull in his everyday persona, Lee Kang-to, but
transforms into the deadly avenger Gaksital who sets out to kill the
invaders and take down his family’s enemy. Based on a 1970s manhwa by
famed manhwa-ka Heo Young-man (Gourmet, Tazza), the drama is hoping to translate that into success.

Gaksital will continue in its casting efforts, while Jang Hyuk plans to keep searching for his next project.

Via Sports Chosun
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[KA] Jang Hyuk declines drama, avoids typecasting
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