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 [KD] Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 1

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PostSubject: [KD] Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 1   Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:45 am

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 1

Yesssssssss! Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is better than I
was hoping. Admittedly my hopes were tempered — I expected it to be
cute and frothy, but was expecting it to be purely frivolous, very
little substance, like a puff of cotton candy. But to the contrary,
there’s some meat to the story — not a ton, but more than the promos let on.

In fact, the promos left out quite a lot about the premise that could
have been teased better. Perhaps they were expecting that they didn’t
need to tell us much story to get us to tune in, and hey, you can’t
argue with that point. I’m just relieved and thrilled that there’s a
story, and an interesting set-up, and characters with potential
Episode 1 RECAP:
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[KD] Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 1
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