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 [KM] Shin Eun-kyung and Kim Jung-tae star in new film

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PostSubject: [KM] Shin Eun-kyung and Kim Jung-tae star in new film   Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:41 am

Shin Eun-kyung and Kim Jung-tae star in new film

Shin Eun-kyung (Flames of Desire) will be making a comeback to the big screen opposite one of my favorite rising stars of late, Kim Jung-tae (Can’t Lose, Miss Ripley).
I say rising not because he’s new, since Kim has been a supporting
actor for many a moon, but because his star is rising only now — this
will be his first leading role in a major film production to date. He’s
certainly played his fair share of gangsters and funnymen and patsies,
and now he’s graduated to romantic leading man, which is just the best
news I’ve heard in a while.

The movie’s called Why She’s Different, and stars
Shin Eun-kyung as a single mom. All the character information that’s
given is that she has a secret, and raises her daughter alone. Kim
Jung-tae is the one person who knows her secret. Yeah, but… is that
good? Is it bad? Is he a confidant or an NSA agent, sent to hunt her
down? Is she a thief? A princess in hiding? A vampire? A gumiho? The
mother of a mixed race of humans and cylons? What? Okay, she’s probably
not the last one. Probably.

I’m really excited for Kim Jung-tae. I hope this is just the
beginning for his long career as a leading man. Who says ajusshis don’t
rule? The man makes noodles, is a proud new dad, and has amazing screen
presence. What more could you ask?

Why She’s Different starts shooting in November.

Via Star News
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[KM] Shin Eun-kyung and Kim Jung-tae star in new film
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