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 [KD] The Script Doctor is in: Myung-wol the Spy

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PostSubject: [KD] The Script Doctor is in: Myung-wol the Spy   Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:50 am

The Script Doctor is in: Myung-wol the Spy

girlfriday: Wait is KBS really going to recast a different actress in the SAME role??

javabeans: That’s DUMB. I understand why they’d consider it, but it’s lame.

girlfriday: It is so stupid. Arrrgh. Are they going
to go with some crazy plastic surgery story, or are all the characters
going to PRETEND that they don’t notice?

javabeans: This ain’t All My Children. What
actress is going to want to take the role? Will Eric just have to react
in exactly the same way that he would with a different actress?

girlfriday: Seriously. It’s all kinds of crazy.

javabeans: I get that they’re in emergency mode, but
they have a week to rework the story and shoot the next episodes. Given
that they were only 40% done with shooting Episodes 11 and 12 on a
Friday night before the whole kerfuffle went down, I think this is

girlfriday: Time to call in the Script Doctor.


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[KD] The Script Doctor is in: Myung-wol the Spy
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