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 [KA] Eom Ki-joon loses driver’s license, keeps drama role

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PostSubject: [KA] Eom Ki-joon loses driver’s license, keeps drama role   Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:45 pm

Eom Ki-joon loses driver’s license, keeps drama role

Eom Ki-joon has been given his punishment for the
DUI he incurred last month: His driver’s license has been revoked, but
it looks like he will be able to continue his current job in SBS’s Scent of a Woman.

Phew — I think it’s fair in that clearly someone who drinks and
drives deserves to have that privilege taken away, but am also relieved
that he doesn’t have to quit the drama. Admittedly part of that is a
selfish desire to see him continue being Dr. Poopy-seok, just as his
role is getting interesting. Didja SEE Episode 6? Adorable. I think a
drunk driver can be punished legally without necessarily losing his job,
which would be the case even if he weren’t an actor, so I’m satisfied
with the outcome.

The incident occurred on July 21 in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, when Eom’s car
hit a taxi that had been stopped at a signal. Nobody was injured and
Eom was deemed to be driving under the influence at the site of the
accident, but headed to a hospital soon afterward for a more accurate
reading on his blood alcohol content.

According to one source, the production hadn’t discussed cutting Eom
out of the drama and Eom’s side expressed apologies for his mistake.
According to a rep from SBS, they were waiting on his legal punishment
before judging whether they’d need to proceed, but with the cancellation
of his license, they find no reason to keep him from continuing in the

Hopefully Eom learns from this encounter, counts his blessings that
nobody was hurt, and kicks ass for the rest of the drama. He’s already
doing a pretty awesome job giving his Eun-seok character wonderful
layers, from his chilly protective outer layer to his vulnerable
underbelly and his nervously adorable boyish side underneath it all.

Via Mk.co.kr

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[KA] Eom Ki-joon loses driver’s license, keeps drama role
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