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 [JM] “Ai Ore!” to be released as a live-action movie

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PostSubject: [JM] “Ai Ore!” to be released as a live-action movie   Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:06 pm

“Ai Ore!” to be released as a live-action movie

It’s been reported that manga artist Shinjo Mayu’s popular work, “Ai Ore! Danshikou no Hime to Joshikou no Ouji“, will be released as a live-action movie at the end of the year.
“Ai Ore! Danshikou no Hime to Joshikou no Ouji” follows a love story
between a tomboyish girl and a boy who looks like a girl. There’s a
strong theme of cross-dressing, which has been a popular trend in recent
The manga was first serialized as “Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!” in Shogakukan’s Shoujo Comic (now called Sho-Comi). The title was later changed to “Ai Ore! Danshikou no Hime to Joshikou no Ouji”, and re-started its serialization in ‘Gekkan Asuka‘. The first volume of the series has just ended, and is currently absent from publication.
Shinjo commented, “When this manga became a drama CD in favor of Aniplex,
it sold nearly ten thousand copies and became a big hit. There were
also plans for it to become an anime, but it faced many unfortunate
events. Later, President Inoue from Kadokawa Book Store picked it up, and we have been able to come this far.”

She continued, “When I first heard about the live-action movie, I
was just so happy, and I felt so rewarded. It’s a story about a
cross-dressing boy and girl, but I am so flattered that the world has
finally caught up to me. For the cast, I requested that it doesn’t
matter if they’re new or unknown, just as long as they fit the image of
the characters perfectly. As a result, we have brought together a
wonderful cast that fans will be able to agree on! I am very excited to
see what kind of movie it will be!”

Stay tuned to tokyohive for further updates on this exciting new release!

Source + Image: natalie
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[JM] “Ai Ore!” to be released as a live-action movie
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