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 [KM] Summer blockbuster The Front Line opens to high expectations

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PostSubject: [KM] Summer blockbuster The Front Line opens to high expectations   Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:41 pm

Summer blockbuster The Front Line opens to high expectations

Yesterday’s Go Soo post had me looking closer at his new movie, The Front Line, a high-budget blockbuster war film that’s expected to do big business this summer.
The plot caught my attention with its suspenseful, uneasy premise, and the creds aren’t so bad, either: Director Jang Hoon steered thrillers Rough Cut and Secret Reunion to box-office success. The screenplay is written by Park Sang-yeon, who wrote scripts for Queen Seon-deok and the upcoming Tree With Deep Roots, as well as the original novels for Joint Security Area and May 18, which were turned into films.
The movie is set in the very last months of the Korean War, and
depicts the horrors of war as experienced by its young soldiers. Shin Ha-kyun
plays an officer in the counterespionage division, Eun-pyo, who is sent
to the volatile eastern front to investigate a suspicious series of
events, beginning with the death of a soldier, shot by one of his own,
as well as the delivery of a letter from the North Korean Army via the
South Korean post. Illicit correspondence can only mean fraternizing
with the enemy.

In the process, Eun-pyo unexpectedly reconnects with an old friend, Soo-hyuk (Go Soo),
whom he’d thought died on the battlefield. Two years ago, Soo-hyuk was a
weak young private, but in the intervening years he’s been speedily
promoted and now acts as leader of his unit.
Why is this unit headed by a kid who’s barely an adult? Why has
Soo-hyuk changed so drastically? Why do soldiers wear North Korean
jackets as blankets, citing the cold? As Eun-pyo tries to suss out the
facts, he comes in conflict with the members of the unit, getting caught
up in the politics of this group that runs like a mini-nation.
Based on the trailer below, it seems that Eun-pyo is the principled
one sent from headquarters — a safer, less dangerous place — while this
eastern front is fraught with peril on a day-to-day, minute-to-minute
basis. Perhaps these young soldiers are so desperate to live that
they’re stuck in survival mode, politics and patriotism be damned. This
rift grows the longer Eun-pyo is here, and with suspicions growing, he
accuses the members of siding with the Commies. At one point, Eun-pyo
insists, “We’re all in this war together! We’re all in hell!” Soo-hyuk
retorts, addressing Eun-pyo with tears in his eyes, “Do you know what
real hell is?”


Via Star News, E Daily
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PostSubject: Re: [KM] Summer blockbuster The Front Line opens to high expectations   Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:29 pm

Go Soo θεός απλά!! Παρότι δεν μου άρεσε σαν story το Will it now at Christmas και δεν το τελείωσα από όλη τη σειρά μου έμεινε μία αδυναμία στον Go Soo... Δεν βλέπω την ώρα να δω το Movie
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[KM] Summer blockbuster The Front Line opens to high expectations
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