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 [KA] Kim Rae-won’s comeback with Su Ae

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[KA] Kim Rae-won’s comeback with Su Ae Empty
PostSubject: [KA] Kim Rae-won’s comeback with Su Ae   [KA] Kim Rae-won’s comeback with Su Ae EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 8:16 pm

Kim Rae-won’s comeback with Su Ae

[KA] Kim Rae-won’s comeback with Su Ae Kimraewon_66
Happy dance time!
Kim Rae-won is making his first post-army project the drama Thousand Day Promise, the new title of the drama formerly called Forget Me Not, which shows good taste: It’s the series by famed writer Kim Soo-hyun (Life Is Beautiful, Mom’s Dead Upset, My Man’s Woman) and starring Su Ae. She plays a woman who’s slowly losing her memory, which makes me think this’ll be like a younger version of The Notebook.
I love this casting, and I LOVE KIM RAE-WON. He’s one of those actors
who, if you haven’t seen him in anything, may elicit a mere shrug and a
careless, “I don’t know, he seems all right, I guess.” And then you
watch him onscreen, in motion, with emotion, and he just fills the
screen with his warmth and presence. He just seems so real when
he’s acting, completely genuine and natural in the roles. He has a
tendency, therefore, to elevate whatever he’s in. (His dramas include
2008′s Gourmet, his last series before military service, and 2006′s What Planet Are You From? He’s also had a number of movie roles, like Insadong Scandal, My Little Bride, Sunflower, and …ing.)
Aside from loving Kim Rae-won, I’m much gladder with his casting than the rumored Song Seung-heon. While Song’s last role in My Princess
went a long way toward endearing him to me, I don’t think he would’ve
been on par with Su Ae, while I think Kim Rae-won will be a fantastic
partner for her.
Ahh, Thousand Day Promise just became a must-watch drama for me, melodrama premise notwithstanding. It premieres on SBS on September 26.

Via DongA
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[KA] Kim Rae-won’s comeback with Su Ae
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