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 Info for Miss Ajumma

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PostSubject: Info for Miss Ajumma   Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:35 am

Miss Ajumma


Title: 미쓰 아줌마 / Miss Ajumma
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 100+
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-May-30 to TBA
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:40 AM


This daily drama is about the life of Kang Geum Hwa, a divorced middle-aged woman who stands up against the world's prejudice.


ChartOh Hyun Kyungas Kang Geum Hwa
Kwon Oh Joongas Go Kyung Se
Jung Shi Ahas Wang Sae Mi
Kim Jung Minas Yoon Jung Woo
Jung Sung Woonas Wang Bong Soo

Geum Hwa's family

Kim Hyung Jaas Kwon Hee Ja
Yum Dong Hun (염동헌) as Kang Ho Shik
Yoo Ji Inas Lee Mi Ok
Lee Da Jin as Kang Eun Hwa

Other people

Oh Na Ra as Kim Hyun Sook
Kim Jong Suk (김종석) as Hwang Jong Goo
Do Yi Sungas Lee Byung Chul
Jang Mi Ja (장미자) as Byung Chul's mother

Production Credits

Producer: Oh Se Kang
Director: Oh Jin Suk
Screenwriter: Song Jung Rim (송정림)

Official Site

Official channel on Youtube

article 1 ( sta koreatika)

article 2 ( sta koreatika)

article 3 ( sta koreatika)


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Join date : 2011-05-16
Age : 22
Location : Στο δωματιο του Jae Wook

PostSubject: Re: Info for Miss Ajumma   Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:54 am

Kang Geum-Hwa (Oh Hyeon-Kyeong) had to quit her job after getting married. She never complained. Geum-Hwa is proud of taking care of her family which includes her husband Ko Kyung-Se (Kwon Oh-Jung) and daughter Dan-Bi. Geum-Hwa tries her best to make a happy home. She trusts her husband completely, but on day, learns that her husband is having an affair. Geum-Hwa divorces her husband. She then goes through a very difficult period and experiences misery. Geum-Hwa then decides to give herself a makeover. She looks beautiful and refined from the outside,but inside she is tough. Geum-Hwa then faces the world and even when she falls down, she'll stand up for her daughter.

Kyung-Se is the president of advertising company "Sweet Rain". He takes care of himself and is in good shape. He tries to keep his outward appearance young. After his divorce with Geum-Hwa, he marries Wang Se-Mi (Jung Si-A). Nevertheless, Kyung-Se realizes how importance Geum-Hwa was to him & starts to better understand her. Carrying a lot of regret, Kyung-See then wants to take Geum-Hwa back.

Se-Mi is a beautiful advertising planner. She believes she can make a warm family with Kyung-Se. Through many ups and downs, Se-Mi finally gets married to Kyung-Se. Se-Mi believes she able to become a wise wife, but as time goes by her situation takes a turn for the worse. Kyung-Se contacts his ex-wife. Kyung-Se makes the excuse that it is because of their child. At first, Se-Mi isn't worried about Geum-Hwa because she isn't attractive, but later finds out that Geum-Hwa has turned herself into a beautiful woman. Se-Mi feels threatened by Geum-Hwa and doesn't want to lose her love.

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Info for Miss Ajumma
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