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 [KD] Baby-Faced Beauty: Episodes 1-4

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PostSubject: [KD] Baby-Faced Beauty: Episodes 1-4   Sat May 28, 2011 9:32 pm

Baby-Faced Beauty: Episodes 1-4

I know, I’m way behind on weighing in on Baby-Faced Beauty,
with it almost halfway done with its 18-episode run. Most of the time
if I fall behind on a drama, I’ll just let it go, but I’ve been finding
this one sweet and charming — and incredibly pretty to look at — that I
wanted to give it a proper introduction, at least.
The drama, like many others past and present, is based on one lie
that snowballs out of control, which in this case is about age/identity.
The show therefore plays a lot with the concept of age, seniority, and
rank in the workplace, which is an interesting motif upon which to hang a
story since age is one of those things that plays a huge part in the
social fabric of modern Korea. It’s a part of every introduction between
people, and built into every interaction big or small, since the very
language used between people is determined by one’s age/rank relation to
the other. The drama manages to work in the topic without being too
heavy-handed about it, which I appreciate, and Jang Nara does a good job being cute, conflicted, and compelling as the 34-going-on-25 heroine.
The Story: Episodes 1-4:
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[KD] Baby-Faced Beauty: Episodes 1-4
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