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 [KD] Random, thy name is City Hunter

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PostSubject: [KD] Random, thy name is City Hunter   Tue May 24, 2011 12:27 am

Random, thy name is City Hunter

More stills are out for City Hunter and, true to this drama’s promotional trajectory so far, they manage to clear up very little of my confusion about what the heck this show is actually about. The thing is, tons of dramas are segmented into different parts — there’s a backstory for the hero, a backstory for the heroine, their present situations, and maybe even a secret identity. The problem with City Hunter is that the production hasn’t made much of an effort to clarify what goes where, so I’m left scratching my head. For instance, all of the photos in this post were released in the past several days. You’d think there’d be some organization to the blitz of images, but no, not really. xample: Obviously our heroine, Park Min-young — judo artist, bodyguard — has a past. She apparently attended high school at some point.

More Pictures:

Via TV Report, TV Report
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[KD] Random, thy name is City Hunter
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