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 [KA] Shin Se-kyung, Jang Hyuk in new sageuk

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PostSubject: [KA] Shin Se-kyung, Jang Hyuk in new sageuk   Sun May 22, 2011 10:45 pm

Shin Se-kyung, Jang Hyuk in new sageuk

Finally there’s movement on the SBS drama Tree With Deep Roots, an anticipated historical drama that comes from the producers of Queen Seon-deok and is based on a best-selling book. The drama was first announced a year ago, and had cast Han Seok-kyu (Into the White Night), but news was sparse till now with the additions of Shin Se-kyung (High Kick Through the Roof) and Jang Hyuk (Chuno).
Han Seok-kyu plays King Sejong the Great, who is most famous for
having created hangul, the Korean alphabet. The drama will have
mystery-thriller elements, as it features a suspicious murder, but will
also center around language as one of its motifs, which is something I
look forward to. (It was one of my favorite parts of Sungkyunkwan Scandal,
and gave it its own distinct flavor.) His version of the famous king is
characterized by an offbeat, cute charm as well and sense of humanity.

Shin Se-kyung has been cast as So-yi, a court lady who helps King
Sejong in his hangul creation project. A childhood trauma has rendered
her unable to speak, but through working with the king, she gradually
begins to talk. Don’tcha just love Korean dramas and their fascination
with thematic opposites? It’s like they’re afraid you’ll miss the
Important Messages, and are ensuring you won’t by bonking you over the
head with ‘em. (Such as: girl sees ghosts, guy conjures ghosts (Chilling Romance); girl feels too much pain, guy can’t feel any pain (Pain), girl needs eyes, guy gives her his eyes (that music video, you know the one, oh and that other music video), and so on.)

Via 10 Asia
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[KA] Shin Se-kyung, Jang Hyuk in new sageuk
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